Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on Wavesfactory, offering half off on high quality audio tools for musicians and engineers.

The sale includes Mercury, the grand piano sample library for Kontakt Player featuring a Fazioli F228 recorded at Metropolis Studios in London.

Wavesfactory Mercury

Fazioli pianos pursuit perfection. They’re sophistically delicate but with a very rich low-end and a lot of body resonance.

Mercury was recorded by Grammy Award winning Paul B. Norris with 5 mic positions from ultra-close to room sound for maximum versatility. It sounds warm and very emotional. Perfect for intimate low-key tracks, but it’s also very punchy and aggressive on high velocities. A combination that you don’t find usually on piano libraries.

Also on sale at a 50% discount is the popular TrackSpacer audio effect plugin (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX) for Windows and Mac.

Trackspacer creates space in a mix by carving the frequencies that the main track needs into another track in real time.

Similar to a sidechain compressor, but a thousand times more powerful and transparent. It’s considered a secret mixing weapon by many artists, producers and engineers.

The sale ends December 1st, 2017.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Wavesfactory