Wavesfactory releases Phi, a free effect plugin that applies the Divine Proportion (or Phi) to your music.

Wavesfactory Phi

1.618 – The Golden Ratio

Also known as the Divine Proportion or Aureal Number is everywhere in nature. It can be found in the shape of the Milky Way, in the gastropod shell, in the birth of a leaf and even in our own DNA.

Phi modifies the audio signal sample values in order to follow the 1.618 equation:

(a + b) / a = a / b

Your music will sound harmonious, natural, organic, alive and simply beautiful. It’s almost like a mystic experience, difficult to explain in plain words. Just put it in your master channel and enjoy the perfection.

Phi is available as a free download for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: Wavesfactory