WaveShaper Moscow Disco, 12Bit Drummer & Aluminium / White Metal

WaveShaper has announced the release of three new electronic drumkits.

New WaveShaper kits

  • Moscow Disco &nasdh; Built like a tank with a funky design, you will be surprised by the raw sound of the ultra-rare Marsh UDS russian drum synth. The kick drum is huge, the snares and hats are sooo analogue, and this unit is also perfect for all kind of depitched toms and retro sci-fi FX. This WaveShaper kit will bring you back into eighties goodness, but with its thick, blurby, retromodernistic sound, you will also enjoy it on your electro, idm, minimal or space disco tracks.
  • 12Bit Drummer &nasdh; This kit is made by recording an acoustic drum with an Akai S20 12bit sampler. Some processing where then made in order to keep the sound natural while bringing out the gritty nature of this cheap sampling device. The sound is gritty but not lofi, with a solid low end, sharp transients and warm presence for the snares and hi-hats.
  • Aluminium / White Metal – Aluminum and White Metal are two variations of some percussive sounds I made using a Waldorf Blofeld and a Sherman FilterBank. The sounds are very synthetic, with boomy low end and fast attacks, and despite being quite similar , you will quickly hear that one is dirtier, more overdriven than the other, thanks to the analogue rawness of the Sherman Filterbank.

The WaveShaper sample packs are available in three flavours: “free”, “selection” (starting at $0.90 USD), and “full pro” ($2.90 USD).

More information: WaveShaper