The Wavizer Team has released some details on the upcoming Wavizer, a cross-platform software allowing the transformation of any numeric data set into an audible sound wave.

The implementation of various functions and parameters implies a precise control of the wave shape.

Our aim is to reach a new level of conceptualization offering the Wavizer users the ability to explore still-unknown ways of sound creation or analysis. Indeed because of its numeric input format, it is possible to use countless typles of data: seismic events, biological phenomena, paleoclimatic variations or even economical index values.

Wavizer features

  • Because of its unique concept Wavizer establishes itself as an experimental tool dedicated to various fields of expertise: Experimental, Scientific, and Musical.
  • The possibilities of usage are incredible wide. However, while developing the software, the Wavizer Team has been thinking of some of them:
    • For scientists
      • Professional audio illustration of documents or presentations.
      • Documentary films
      • Data processing and analysis
    • and for musicians
      • Sound design
      • Sample-based synthesis
      • Impulse Responses
      • Experimental side-chain compression control

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