W.A. Production has released a new “What About” series tutorial titled Lofi Hip Hop Track From Scratch, a 5-part course on how to create a Lo-Fi Hip Hop song.

WA LoFi Hip Hop Track From Scratch

The course covers writing chords, drums, bass & guitar sound selection, arrangement and fx, mixing and mastering.

In this series you will dive in to a world of warm chords and vibey leads as you build a lofi hip hop track from scratch.

Starting with your harmonies and melodies, and moving through drums, bass and guitar, you will create the fundamentals of a lo fi hip hop song. Once your track is sounding crisp and clean, you will navigate your way through the final mix and master, ending the series with a track you can be proud of.

The tutorial is on sale for $7.50 USD for a limited time (regular $14.90 USD).

More information: W.A. Production