Whatabaudio has announced a new volume in the Crime Fundamentals series of sound packs for u-he’s Zebra 2 software synthesizer.

Revisiting the dark and suspenseful atmosphere of the original soundset, Crime Fundamentals 2 contains 180 cinematic presets with new categories such as thrilling bends, cinematic guitars and dirty tonal hits.

With a strong representation of driving pulses and tickies, exciting swells and effects Crime Fundamentals 2 keeps up the pace in crime and thriller soundtracks but investigative documentaries as well.

Crime Fundamentals 2 is inspired by stirring soundtracks like Young Wallander (Matti Bye), The Sinner (Ronit Kirchman) or Deadwind (Juri Seppä) and is also real-world tested with my scoring work for Germany’s biggest crime-drama series SOKO Leipzig.

Crime Fundamentals 2 is now available for purchase for 29 EUR. A bundle of both Crime Fundamentals packs with a total of 408 patches is priced EUR 49 (15% savings on both products).

More information: Whatabaudio