IK Multimedia has introduced a new finish option for its award-winning series of nearfield monitors.

Available now in black or white for all 3 configurations of the iLoud Precision series (2-way 5″ or 6.5″, and 2 x 5″ MTM), these handcrafted works of sonic art reflect IK’s 25+ years of expertise in loudspeaker design and digital signal processing, delivering an unprecedented level of sonic detail with unique DSP-based features and breathtakingly accurate profiles of iconic studio monitors.

In addition to the original black finish, the iLoud Precision will soon be available in a modern white finish. Continuing to be crafted in Italy, each Precision is hand-sprayed in multiple layers with strict attention to detail for a high-end finish that’s both beautiful and enduring. Users can select the color choice that best matches their home or studio setup.

iLoud Precision features

  • Truly class-defying audio performance beats monitors three times the price.
  • Best-in-class frequency response with extended 36 Hz – 30 kHz range.
  • Ultra-flat to ±1 dB across 45 Hz – 30 kHz spectrum.
  • Unique linear phase response for unmatched clarity.
  • Perfect time alignment that matches theoretical ideal speaker performance.
  • Built in ARC calibration with included measurement microphone.
  • Includes X-MONITOR software with 20+ iconic monitor emulations and extended voicing controls.
  • Individually calibrated with ±0.5 dB unit-to-unit consistency.
  • Developed and handcrafted in Italy.

iLoud Precision studio monitors in white will be available in Q2 2023, and can be pre-ordered starting from 899.99 USD/EUR excluding taxes.

More information: IK Multimedia / iLoud Precision