Whitebox Synth Makers has announced Collisions, a collection of 16 new presets for Ableton’s Collision and Sampler instruments.

Whitebox Synth Makers Collisions

A set of 16 new racks for Ableton’s Collision Instrument that explore the noisier side of the machine. From presets Vinylchurch to Petrol Pizzicato experiment with the darker side of sound design.

This pack includes 2 Live sets, 3 demo tapes, 3 construction kits, 25 clips, 16 original samples (4mb) and:

  • 16 newly designed Collision presets
  • 16 Sampler presets constructed with these Collision sounds
  • Easy editing and sound morphing with pre-programmed Macros

The first 100 downloads of this pack are free.

More information: Whitebox Synth Makers