Win ADAM T7V monitors in SoundGym’s EQ Challenge


SoundGym has announced The EQ Challenge, a special event for music producers and audio engineers in which you can win a pair of T7V two-way studio monitor speakers from ADAM Audio.

SoundGym EQ Challenge

Fast and accurate EQ decisions are crucial for any mixer and producer. Prove your talent, pass the challenge and get a chance to win a special prize.

The EQ challenge is a sound game that is all about frequency detection. Peaking (Bell) EQ filter is being used to boost a certain frequency range. Your mission is to identify the boosted frequency – and to do it fast!

You have to place 25 correct answers in 60 seconds to pass the challenge and enter the contest.

One lucky winner from those who have passed the challenge and entered the contest will win a pair of ADAM T7V monitors.

The challenge event ends on May 17th, 2018. The winners will be announced on May 18th, 2018.

More information: SoundGym

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Literally impossible unless you pay their Pro fee to get unlimited chances.

60 secs to get 25 correct answers can’t be done. That’s 2 secs per answer, and you can’t even click the EQ on/EQ off buttons that fast and assess the difference (would take a minimum of 3-4 secs, probably more). Only way to do it is by repetition, and the successful person won’t even be listening; they’ll be reading the answers off a notepad and clicking as fast as they can.