So my wife’s wireless USB adapter broke for the 2nd time in a year. Just plugging the USB stick in and out over a period of time caused the device (a D-Link DWL-G122) to malfunction.

At first it would require a little nudge up or down near the USB connection to make contact, but this would gradually get worse until bending it almost to a point where it would break off would be the only way to get it working.

Anyone else had similar experiences with these pesky USB adapters?

Anyway, I got a new adapter (Sitecom WL-172) today and was thinking how can I keep this problem from happening again… Now I don’t know if the Sitecom adapters are anything like the D-Link ones, or even if I just had some bad luck with the D-Link adapters, but I made a little cover for the adapter anyway.

Wireless USB adapter in a tape cassette case

Wireless USB adapter in a tape cassette case

It’s just a simple cassette tape case with the locking members removed and a little hole on the side for the USB extension cable to come out. I put in a little padding (thermocompact clean air filter material) for extra protection.

The encasing doesn’t seem to have any major impact on the performance, although I’m not sure if heat generation will be a problem.

I just hope my wife won’t mind lugging around this slightly larger adapter…