WOK Skalenmeister

WOK has announced Skalenmeister, a MIDI effect that forces incoming notes to a given scale and key.

Additionally it can generate chords from single notes (with basic strumming effect).

The fourth note of the 7th and sus type chord can be changed e.g. to generate add9 or something else. The strum delay of the 4 note chord can be adjusted (up/down) and the root key for the scale can be determined by the incoming note for the chord generation or on a second MIDI channel.

Skalenmeister features

  • MIDI notes will be forced to the given scale and root key.
  • Root key can be set by notes on a second MIDI channel.
  • Generate chords for a single key (with strumming delay).
  • MIDI channel for input notes, auto root key and output can be set individually.
  • Added notes for 7th and sus can be changed for other chord types.

Skalenmeister will soon be available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC, priced at 15 EUR. It comes with Polymeister, a force2scale plug-in for polyphonic input (without chord generator).

More information: WOK