WOK has announced the release of BFS-1, an effect plug-in for Windows.

BFS-1 is a virtual recreation of the Bode Frequency Shifter. Different from a pitch shifter, a frequency shifter moves all frequencies/harmonics by adding a fixed amount. The sound reminds to a ring modulator, but in contrast to this, it is possible to get the upshifted and downshifted signal separately.

Unlike a ring modulator, the frequency shifter is also capable of changing the signal by a low amount, e.g. 1 Hz, to obtain effects known as “Barberpole flanging”.

This plugin has some additional features like feedback delays in the shifting sections, an LFO (all host synced), an envelope with MIDI trigger and an envelope follower to modulate shift and/or volume.

BFS-1 is available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for 33 EUR.

More information: WOK