Woodshed Audio has announced the release of two new Popshop series sample packs.

Radio Ready features a collection of over 200 drum samples with a modern radio ready sound.

Woodshed Audio Popshop Radio Ready

You need instant radio ready sound and here’s why…

As music creators, our job isn’t always easy! Our fans and clients expect radio round sound and most of the time they expect it quickly…

We created the Radio Ready sample pack so that you could get that modern radio ready sound instantly and effortlessly. This pack is all killer no filler. It includes over 200 kicks, snares, FX, percussion, and even vocal samples that are ready to be chopped up and made into magnificent vocal hooks.

Chart Topper Drums Volume 1 features a collection of drum sounds for modern pop producers.

Woodshed Audio Popshop Chart Topper Drums Vol 1

The Chart Topper sample pack features over 100 handcrafted, quality over quantity drum samples for modern pop music producers.

We’ve meticulously modeled these drums and sounds after your favorite Top 40 productions including The Chainsmokers, Halsey, Zain, Shawn Mendez, Adelle, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, and more.

Radio Ready and Chart Topper Drums are available for $30 USD each.

More information: Make Pop Music