Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio has launched a new software synthesizer instrument.

The WoodSynth is a 4-layer MPE supporting synth with each layer (an independent synth with up to 16-voices) sporting 3 VCO’s plus a samples based source. It can directly pan to surround or 3D output on macOS.

The surround/3D panning can be modulated by several sources like pressure or key tracking, which allows for expressive live panning by the musician using their keyboard.

WoodSynth’s features include a polyphonic touch bar with polyphonic pitch bending, modulation, sample recording from audio input or file, and each layer has a 4-pole Moog Lowpass filter, delay unit, 16-step sequencer, and lots more.

WoodSynth for macOS is $44.99 USD, the iOS version is $12.99 USD.