Wusik has announced that the previously commercially released WVM VST Manager/Organizer is now freely available under an open source license.

Wusik VM allows you to organize presets of various VST plug-ins in one place.

Wusik VM

You can now categorize your presets any way you like. When loading a preset in Wusik VM it will automatically open the correct VST plug-in.

Wusik VM also includes 2 Midi-Tools:

  1. Arpeggiator, an adjustable speed arpeggiator.
  2. Melody, a MIDI chord creation tool.

Note: Wusik VM uses custom-changed files from the Steinberg’s VST SDK Library, which is not open-source. You’ll need to get access to Steinberg’s VST SDK before you can use the Wusik Support/Login area to request a copy of the source files.

Visit Wusik for more information and a link to download Wusik VM.