Wusik has announced an update to Wusik EVE (Electronic Vintage Ensemble), a complex synthesizer with multiple options.

Version 5.1.2 comes with a new default skin, a new installer and some fixes and improvements.

Wusik EVE V5 Flavours of Lime

Changes in Wusik EVE v5.1.2

  • Complete new Installer with Uninstall option.
  • New Standalone (EXE) Applications (32/64 bits) running in native code (no longer using SAVIHOST).
  • Fixed a problem with the pedal volume. Now the user settings XML file will always record the last pedal value when you exit and re-use that when you open again.
  • New Default Skin by Flavours of Lime.
  • New ZOOM In and Out options for the whole interface (click the Wusik logo).
  • New Skin options used by the skin above. Check the Skin XML file for details.

Wusik EVE V5 is available for $49.95 USD. It is also included in various bundle options.

More information: Wusik