Wusik HQ Guitar Set 1: Aria Nylon Guitar

Wusik has announced a HQ Guitar Set and HQ Acoustic Collection (which are now available for preorder).
At the same time Wusik has reduced prices on their previous single HQ sets to $ 9.95 USD/CAD.

Guitar Set 1 setup

  • Semi-Electric Guitar (active) Aria CG25CE
  • Classic Nylon Guitar Strings by La Bella (Professional 500P)

This set comes with Presets in V2 format only. (WusikPRST)

More information is available at Wusik.

The Accoustic Collection will feature several sets of HQ Acoustic samples: Pianos, Guitars, Voices, Choirs, Strings, Several Orchestral, Drums, Percussions (and more to come), sampled in 24 Bits / 48 KHz (compatible with any sample-rate, 44.1 / 96 / …)

Check the Wusik website for more information.