Wusik has announced that its “hardware” sequencer in software format SQ200 is available to download at no charge.

Wusik SQ200

Wusik SQ200 is a complete Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that allows you to record sequences of notes and automations using MIDI and hosting VST/AU plugins. You can create complete projects or just use it to chain other plugins into your host of choice.

SQ200 features

  • Full 960 PPQ sequencer with up to 99 tracks and 99 sections.
  • VST/AU plugin hosting, with internal 32 to 64 bits bridge (VST Windows only).
  • Audio Track Streaming and WAV Acid Loop files support with time-streatching.
  • Included Compressor with Side-Chaining support, done in a very easy to use way.
  • Open-Source Hardware Remote Controller support, the Wusik SQ200 HD.
  • Windows and OSX 32 and 64 bits application and plugin versions.
  • Multi-Core Engine.
  • Midi Learn for Plugin’s parameters.
  • Playback/Record Metronome with custom sounds support.
  • Live Mode where you can load Songs using a MIDI Keyboard.
  • MIDI Processors per track, with things like Crossfade, Delay, Split, Round Robin, Key Switch and more.

SQ200 is available as a standalone application for Windows and Mac (Catalina not supported) and VST/VST3 and AU plugin formats. It is normally priced $49.95 USD.

More information: Wusik