Wusik has released HQ Synthetica Complete, a soundset for Wusikstation.

HQ Synthetica Complete consists of the previously HQ Synthetica Volumes 1 to 15 combined and divided into 2 sets.

All sounds were sampled several keys per octave, and in some cases even all keys.

HQ Synthetica Complete

  • Set 1: Uncompressed to 1.67 GB, compressed to 1.16 GB. 192 Presets.
  • Set 2: Uncompressed to 830 MB, compressed to 534 MB. 223 Presets.

HQ Synthetica Complete is free to all members with a paid Wusik Membership. It will also be included with the new Wusikstation V5 Sound Package.

The sets can be purchased separately for $ 9.95 USD each.

Visit Wusik for more information.