Wusik releases P2000 MIDI/notes processor and plugin chainer


Wusik has announced the release of the Wusik P2000, a plugin that allows you to process MIDI and chain plugins with 32- and 64-bit Windows and OSX support.

Wusik P2000

P2000 allows you to bridge 32-bits plugins into 64-bits hosts in Windows, or use the standalone application for live projects in both Windows and Mac. The plugin lets you create complex live rigs using the multiple MIDI processors, including key switching, chords & strum, crossfader, and more.

Wusik P2000 features

  • Key and Velocity Zone Split – so you can assign different sections of your MIDI Keyboard for each instrument.
  • Key Switching – allows you to switch from one instrument to another one using a set of keys you define. It can also work in Hold mode, so it will switch to that instrument as long as you keep holding the note.
  • Round Robin – you set multiple instruments and each note will go to a different one, in a circular way.
  • Transpose – pitch up or down all input notes, single notes or whole octaves.
  • Sticky Keys – will hold keys and works in two ways: holds all keys until you press a defined key; holds keys until you press those again to release
  • Chords & Strum – record chords to be played with single keys. Optional strumming velocity and progression. Plus, looping of chords when using the strum option.
  • Crossfader – allows you to crossfade from one track to another, with support to up to 99 tracks sequentially.
  • Note Delay – adds a delay to all notes, with the option to transpose the delayed note and echo the original note. Plus, feedback on the delay, creating sequential delays.
  • Plugin Sequencer – allows you to create complex sequences using multiple instrument plugins (like a Wave Sequencer but with Plugins).

The P2000 plugin is available for $79.95 USD.

More information: Wusik

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