Wusik has released two new soundsets for Wusikstation: Physical Set Complete and Orchestral Lite Complete.

Physical Set Complete contains the previously released Physical One Set soundset + over 1 GB (total of 1.57GB) of new sounds for a total of 40 HQ Stereo Sounds and 70 presets.

Orchestral Lite Complete bundles all 3 previously released Orchestral Lite libraries in one complete set, for a total of 95 presets and 102 sounds. The presets include 45 string, 3 choir, 30 percussion, 2 piano, 5 plucked and 10 wind instruments.

Both the Physical Set Complete and Orchestal Lite Complete sets are free to all members with a paid Wusik Membership.

You can purchase these sets separately as well for $9.95 USD each.

Visit Wusik for more information and sound demos.