Wusik has launched the previously announced SQ 200, a sequencer that can host VST/AU instrument and effect plugins.

Wusik SQ200 is a complete Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that allows you to record sequences of notes and automations using MIDI and hosting VST/AU plugins.

You can create complete projects or just use it to chain other plugins into your host of choice.

SQ 200 features

  • Full 960 PPQ sequencer with up to 99 tracks and 99 sections.
  • VST/AU plugin hosting, with internal 32 to 64 bits bridge (VST Windows only).
  • Audio Track Streaming and WAV Acid Loop files support with time-streatching.
  • Included Compressor with Side-Chaining support, done in a very easy to use way.
  • Open-Source Hardware Remote Controller support, the Wusik SQ200 HD.
  • Windows and OSX 32 and 64 bits application and plugin versions.
  • Multi-Core Engine.
  • Midi Learn for Plugin’s parameters.
  • Playback/Record Metronome with custom sounds support.
  • Live Mode where you can load Songs using a MIDI Keyboard.
  • MIDI Processors per track, with things like Crossfade, Delay, Split, Round Robin, Key Switch and more.

SQ 200 is available for purchase for $99.95 USD. It is also included in the Wusik Premium Bundle.

Wusik has also announced that it is developing two other plugins. A new version of Wusik EVE is to be released later this year, and the upcoming Wusik P2000 allows you to do several MIDI tasks such as Key Switching and Crossfading between plugins.

More information: Wusik