Wusik has announced the release of Wusik 4000, a virtual modular synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Wusik 4000 is a new cross-platform modular synth/sampler plug-in. It has a fixed path of audio, but with a modular wire system for modulations.

Wusik 4000 modules are open-source and it comes with its own SDK. Plus, Wusik 4000 Sample Player supports SFZ and WusikSND files, including advanced Round Robin and Key Switching between layers.

Wusik has also released a demonstration version with over 140 presets and no audio restrictions or time limitations (no preset saving).

The full version comes with several set of sounds from Wusik Station, but the download is optional to Wusik Station users.

Wusik 4000 for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for $99.95 USD. Owners of any Wusik product (or MHC product) can get it for $79.95 USD. A new Bundle Deal including Wusik 4000 is also available.

More information: Wusik