Wusikstation v3 (Asseca Cream skin)

Wusik has released a new update for V3 users, Wusikstation v4.0.6.

Updated in v4.0.6

  • Added: all effects are now VSTs. (2.4 SDK) The internal code was also changed to load any VST effect. (with restrictions) A wIni file let you set special information
  • Added: new options on the file-browser
    • Hold Effects. When selected, the current FX settings will be hold during preset-changes. This includes FX sends and insert effects
    • Hold ModMatrix. When selected, the current ModMatrix list will be kept during preset loading
    • Load Only ModMatrix. When selected, only the ModMatrix list and Mod LFOs/Envelopes will be loaded
    • Load Only Effects. When selected, only the Effects will be loaded. This includes all Send levels and Inserts
  • Added: the update files also includes the 3 new effects previously released on the Wsm issue #013
  • Fixed: crash on trying to load a bypass effect preset
  • Fixed: Loading effects presets won’t change WetDry/DryOut/FX2 parameters. Also, loading an Insert effect will set WetDry to 50%
  • Fixed: lost of file extension during saving on some hosts

Important Note: this updates requires at least V3.1.4 prior to installation.

Visit Wusik for more information.