Wusikstation V4

Wusik has released version 4.2.4 of Wusikstation, the hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler for Windows PC.

Changes in Wusikstation v4.2.4

  • When switching presets while holding MIDI Notes, the new preset will play the notes after it has been loaded. This also works with Pitch-Bend, Aftertouch and all MIDI CCs. This works with presets, sounds and effects loading. Making it easier to browse and preview presets. (Also note, that if you use midi-learn on a parameter, this also will help by setting all midi-learned parameters to the latest midi CC value input).
  • Filters will now accept negative values. Those will be mirrored to a positive value.
  • Master Limiter Added, ON by default.
  • You can turn On/Off the Master-Limiter and also the Sound Fades during loading processes. Right click on an empty area of the GUI to reach this new option.
  • Improved layer’s volume changes. Now when you use the mod-matrix to change a layer’s volume, it will not smooth the volume changes when no sound is been output.
  • Fixed problem of filter/eq knobs not working after a new layer is selected.
  • Fixed problem with MIDI Program-Changes. Plus, added Sound Fade In/Out during MIDI Program-Changes.
  • Fixed problem with Phase Modulation on files that do not support it. (to support this, the file must have at least double the size of its loop-length).
  • Fixed problem loading files larger than 1 Gig. For those files, Disk-Streaming will always be used, even if its turned Off.
  • Fixed Filters and EQs been reseted during preset-loading, no longer producing clicks.
  • Fixed problem with files that has higher sample-rates in disk-streaming mode.

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