Wusik has released version 5.4 of Wusikstation, a hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler VST instrument for Windows PC.

  • New 16 Bit format, for both WusikSND and the option above.
  • New WusikPACK file format. Select one preset or a folder of presets to get a WusikPACK file of all related files: presets, sounds and effects. You can also manually add any other files from the DATA folder to a WusikPACK file. EG: Skins, Library files, extra effect presets.
  • Drag-and-Drop ability for WAV and WusikSND files from ANY directory.
  • New “fix broken sound-links” option in the File-Browser->Options menu.
  • New “fix library broken preset-links” option in the File-Browser->Options menu.
  • 16 Bits Batch-Converter option added.
  • New Multi-Out file with 9 outputs: each layer outputs to an individual bus, plus 2 FX and 1 Main output. (mix of all outputs)
  • Fixed problem on loading non-looped WusikSND files.
  • Fixed several buffer related problems.
  • Fixed problem with library files.
  • Improved Master Limiter. (better sound).

Wusikstation is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC for $129 USD, but it seems you can also get it in the Wusik Summer 2008 Group-buy for just $59.95 USD (various upgrades are available as well).

Visit Wusik for more information.