Wusik has released version 5.8.2 of Wusikstation, a hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler instrument for Windows PC.

Changes in Wusikstation v5.8.2

  • New Feature: Preview-Preset, on first time preset load, it loads only a portion of the key-zones (useful with large sets like PRIZM and the Maestro-Piano).
  • Added: clicking once in the Tune knob will open an Octave selector.
  • Added: Transpose – Groove Sequencer (G.Seq) right click on any presets lane.
  • Added: animated keyboard, Left Click + Control Key = Hold Note. Right Click = Velocity by Y Position.
  • Added: master vibrato Sine/Triangle waveform and speed parameters. The tools option for the mod-matrix was also updated.
  • Changed: new interpolated AMP envelope code. Improved sound for using quick Attack, Decay and Release.
  • Changed: G.Seq (Groove Box Sequencer) External Sync, Global Tempo, Sequencer PAge and Current Steps Page (E.Sync, G.BPM, Sequences and Steps-Page) are now saved per Project, not preset.
  • Changed: Micro-Tunning (TUN Files) is now saved per project, no longer per preset.
  • Changed: fine-tune any parameter by holding the shift key. (or the middle mouse button with no shift)
  • Changed: added menu options for Pitch-Bend, Midi-Channel (master and layer) and Master-Transpose parameters.
  • Changed: removed the auto-sort when adding something to the modulation-matrix. Added new options to organize: add below, add above, delete.
  • Changed: the animated-keyboard key-zones now follows the Master Octave/Transpose and the Layer Transpose.
  • Changed: better Unison code.
  • Changed: clicking in the LFO waveform switches to the selected waveform.
  • Changed: selecting LFO to Amplitude makes the LFO range go from -1 to +1, instead of 0 to +1.
  • Various bug fixes, details here.

Wusikstation is still available for Windows PC for $59.95 USD (current Spring 2009 Group Buy price). The demo version was updated as well.

Wusik has also updated the Wusik VM (VST Manager) to be compatible with WusikStation v5. You can download this freeware software for Windows here.

Visit Wusik for more information.