Wusikstation v3 (Asseca Cream skin)

Wusik’s hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler/rompler Wusikstation has been updated to version 3.1.4. This release introduces a number of bugfixes.

You can still get Wusikstation in the Ultimate Wusikstation VSTi Group-Buy promo untill the 31st of March. In this great deal you get Wusikstation v3, the 2 Gig Collection of sounds, the HQ Strings soundset and Wusik Sound Magazine Issues #004 to #008.

During the group-buy period, the downloadable version of Wusikstation is only $49.95 USD (39.95EUR/24.95GBP), so if you don’t have Wusikstation yet, make sure to check the demo version before the end of March.

Updated/fixed in v3.1.4

  • problem related to Dual-Core machines, loading up 2 presets/instances at the same time
  • problem with presets that has a DOT “.” on the name
  • graphic-bugs of the File-Browser
  • problem with the Rank system
  • problem with the Percentage-Bar
  • crashes related to browsing presets
  • loading of files with a space before the file-name extention. EG: “Grand Piano .WusikPRST”
  • while loading a preset, key focus remain on the main GUI
  • display of RANK presets on the main-GUI was causing incorrect displays
  • problem when editing and loading effects
  • midi-learned CCs were not showing at the effects controlls
  • HQ Pianos – Essenfelder: the samples were all in mono, an error during conversion. We added a new set of files and a new preset, to update, download the following file “Essenfelder_Update.exe”. Old projects won’t be affected, as both samples and preset were saved on separated files. The new preset is “Essenfelder – Stereo Dyna Full 2.WusikPRST”
  • All HQ Piano presets were updated, as they were a bit off tune. This won’t affect your current songs, only new projects
  • categorized library updated. (organized presets that were on the wrong place)

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