Wusikstation Version 1

Wusik is doing a special promo where you can get Wusikstation Version 1.1.062 for only 9.95 USD/CAD.

This is not a LITE version, that’s the FULL V1 with more than 512 presets, tons of sounds, and the excellent quality only Wusikstation can deliver.

Wusik wants you to check out how V1 works without any Demo limitations, so you might be interested in upgrading to any of the V2 Packages later. Whether you will do this or not, $9.95 is a great price for this VSTi so check it out!

Visit the Wusik website to get this great deal.

Just keep in mind that WS V1 has some limitations compared to the latest WS V2.

  • Menu-style for loading preset and sounds. No categorization.
    V2 uses a File-Browser that allows you to categorize presets
    and sounds in any way you want. (with multi-level-down sub-directories)
  • “Zipper Noise” on changing presets. (only for a few hosts)
    This have been changed for V2.
  • Less Presets and Sounds compared to V2 BIG Package.
    V1 comes with around 512 presets. V2 Big Package has more than 1600 presets.

More information: Wusik