Wusik’s WilliamK has come up with a new promotion for Wusikstation, a totally insane group-buy.

The idea is to reach 150,000 users, at which point you get the following for just $1.95 USD:

  • Full copy of Wusikstation V3 VSTi (Windows version only)
  • Two Gig Collection set of sounds
  • 3 Past Issues of the Wusik Sound Magazine (of your choice)

So how does this work? William explains:

To enter this Group-Buy, you need to pay a non refundable $ 1.95 USD fee. If we reach over 149,999 users, you don’t need to pay anything else. If we don’t reach this amount, you can opt to purchase a regular version using this $ 1.95 as credit. We will not refund any payments if we don’t reach the max amount. We will only start the delivery of the software once we reach over 150,000 users.

150,000 users seems a bit steep perhaps, but at least you’ll just risk $ 1.95, which you can also use towards buying Wusikstation or a WSM (magazine) for the regular price in case the group-buy does not reach its target.

The group-buy will end December 10th 2007.

Visit Wusik’s group-buy page for more information.