Dynamix is a completely new way to waveshape your sounds.

New in v1.6

  • added dry signal inverting switch
  • added side chain switch
  • new user manual is available

You can use it as a supreme compressor or a mastering limiter, you can distort your sound and if you use more instances of Dynamix at the same time, you can use it as an EQ or as a multiband compressor. Enlarge the stereo space with the stereo knob, give your sound the feeling, you always wanted! This is all much easier, with this plugin.

Dynamix features

  • Volume managing section with input/output/dry/wet section
  • 12db/oct filter wich is able to fade between Lp, Bp, Hp modes
  • The unfiltered signal can be mixed to the processed signal
  • Main section, containing everything what you will need to process your signal

Check the WWAYM site for more information and links to download the update or demo for Windows and Mac OS X.