WWAYM has released NWBass V2, an updated and redesigned version of the free mono bassline-synth VST plugin NWBass.


  • analogue modelled high quality oscillators with 2 waveforms (saw and square) and 2 characteristics (NWbass and 303-like)
  • 2 different filter models (NWbass and 303-like)
  • 3 selectable resonance correction characteristics
  • filter gain control
  • extra highpass filter for cutting lows
  • distorter section containing effects like soft clipping and foldback distortion
  • adjustable keyboard tracking
  • velocity sensitive accent
  • note slide
  • full MIDI control with MIDI learn
  • interpolated knobs for stepless editing
  • parameter finetune via right mouse button

In unregistered (freeware) mode there is time limitation for the 303 mode and no user editing for the distorter section. Once registered (50 EUR), all the functions of the plug-in can be edited as normal and another mode of the synth gets usable (303-like), which makes the synth capable of creating the classic acid sound with it’s new filter modell and oscillator waveforms.

Visit WWAYM for more information and a link to download the demo (which can be used for an unlimited time with the above limitions).