WWAYM has released NWEQDJ, a 3 band equalizer VST effect plug-in, especially designed for live and DJ use.

Main Features

  • High quality filters with two different characteristics
  • Assymetric band gain control knobs (-96dB – +6dB)
  • 0 dB is at the knob’s center position (which is very convenient for live usage)
  • Additional center buttons
  • MIDI learn for gain and band knobs
  • 16 Presets
  • Parameter finetune with right mouse button
  • Interpolated gain knobs

The software can be used in two modes, unregistered (free) and registered (35 EUR). When in unregistered mode, you get 3 fixed bands (band settings are only available through presets), while the registered version has 3 parametric bands (with frequency, quality and characteristics sliders).

Check WWAYM for more information and a link to download NWEQDJ.