WWAYM has released NWRCFil 2, the followup of the NWRCFil filter plug-in.

NWRCFil 2 is based on classic hardware filters where simplicity and the warm sound is most important.

NWRCFil 2 features

  • 2-pole and 4-pole analogue sounding lowpass filters
  • crossfadeable lowpass, bandpass and highpass mode
  • customizable filter characteristics
  • dry/wet mix
  • envelope follower with adjustable attack and release parameters
  • LFO with MIDI trigger support
  • input, output gain controll
  • lots of presets to ease finding a startpoint
  • full MIDI support via MIDI learn
  • interpolated parameters (no steps)
  • easy to use, comfortable and familiar user interface with a display

NWRCFil 2 is currently available for Windows PC (Mac OS X version will follow soon), and costs 55 EUR.

Visit WWAYM for more information and a link to download the NWRCFil 2 demo.