Xen-Arts has released IVOR2, a free microtonal synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Xen-Arts IVOR2

Xen-Arts is very excited to present IVOR2, a significant evolution and refinement of the original Ivor microtonal virtual analog synthesizer design.

Introduced in this iteration are a new set of standard features that will be implemented in future updates to the other Xen-Arts instruments, as well as some new ones that are unique to this instrument and its particular type of oscillators.

Changes in IVOR2

  • MOD-GEN, a generalized hybrid Modulation Source Generator, which includes an envelope gen-erator that can be switched between an ADSR or a Graphic Envelope Generator, and an LFO that can be switched to run at audio-rate: the ARO. Eight MOD-GEN are included.
  • Oscillator A & B Pitch Modulation Polarity. All pitch-modulation sources may be configured so that the pitch of each oscillator can be modulated in a common direction and polarity, or the signals inverted for modulation in opposite directions, as well as switched to a static setting without modulation when, for example, using the MIDI Pitch Wheel Controller.
  • Crossfade Modulation (XFM). Unique partials-file controlled audio-rate modulation between two oscillator sources using a dedicated MOD-GEN, which is capable of generating intonation-related sideband spectra, thereby creating interesting sonic relationships between the microtuning and timbre of the instrument, and especially in the most simple XFM case scenario of using sinewaves with different pitch transposition offsets.
  • Phase & Pulse-Width Modulation with MOD-GEN. Unique to IVOR2 are the new and extremely versatile Phase & PWM Sliders and MOD-GEN routing options that replace the single control in the original version.

IVOR2 is a free download for Windows (VST).

More information: Xen-Arts / IVOR2