Xenakios has released the first Atelier series module for the VCV Rack virtual Eurorack DAW. Palette is a reworking of the Mutable Instruments Plaits and Audible Instruments Macro Oscillator 2 module.

Xenakios Palette

Based on Mutable Instruments Plaits and Audible Instruments Macro Oscillator 2 with code from Emilie Gillet (Mutable Instruments), Andrew Belt (VCV), anlexmatos, Xenakios and other contributors.

Palette features

  • Polyphonic.
  • Dynamically changing panel that changes according to the chosen synthesis engine.
  • Exposes (nearly) all of the parameters of the Plaits engine directly on the module panel.
  • 3rd audio output that outputs a mix of the main and aux output signals, with a mix parameter.
  • Internal envelope control of all the 3 main synthesis parameters and the output mix parameter.
  • Attenuverters for all parameter CV inputs.
  • Unisono/Spread mode that generates detuned/spread pitch polyphony of up to 16 voices from a mono volt/oct input (1).
  • Parameter CV and internal envelope modulations are visualized on the large knobs (can be turned off from the right-click module menu if distracting or uses too much CPU/GPU).
  • Engine can be chosen by clicking on the engine LEDs.
  • Engine choice CV modulation shown on the engine choice LEDs.
  • Octave stepped coarse tuning knob (can be switched to free mode in the right-click module menu).

Atlier Palette is available as a free download from the VCV Library.

More information: VCV Rack