DCAM: Synth Squad - Strobe

Xenos Soundworks has released XS Signature – Dance, a collection of presets for FXpansion DCAM Synth Squad.

Our first soundbank release for FXpansion D-CAM Synth Squad contains 32 Strobe presets and 35 Fusor presets (“Fusorized” Strobe presets + 3 bonus sounds made entirely in the Fusor environment).

Producers of Dance music will be treated to a selection of phat basses, blazing leads, chord stabs and smooth pads which will spice up their tracks.

The bank will be delivered to you in a WinRAR file containing 2 folders, the Strobe bank and the Fusor bank. Simply click and drag these folders into the “Presets” folder within both the Strobe and Fusor directories.

XS Signature – Dance is available to purchase for only $2 USD until December 25, 2009 (regular price $5 USD).

More information: Xenos Soundworks