Xenos Soundworks Decay

Xenos Soundworks has announced it is offering the Decay soundset for Tone2 FireBird+ as freeware, in response to Tone2’s announcement of making the synthesizer plug-in available at no charge soon.

Decay is a bank of 43 dark and moody sounds inspired by urban exploration.

Think decaying buildings, asbestos hazards, old machinery, used syringes laying on the ground, forgotten memories, shattered glass, and the adrenaline rush and undercurrent of fear you get when you are snooping around someplace you aren’t supposed to be.

The sounds in the Decay soundset are fitting for musicians of all different tastes wishing to inject some creepy mojo into their tracks.

The soundset is now available to download at no charge.

More information: Xenos Sounworks / Decay