Xfer Records has updated its LFOTool effect plugin for Windows and Mac to version 1.1.

LFOTool is an FX utility plug-in for VST and AudioUnit hosts for both Macintosh OS X® and Windows®. It empowers music producers to create tremolo, auto-pan, trance-gate, side-chain compressor simulation, and dubstep-type wobble effects with minimal effort.

Xfer LFOTool

Sculpt custom LFO curves and shapes with Xfer’s LFOTool plug-in.

Changes in LFOTool v1.1

  • Added: 81 new Filter Types (Ladder filters/SVF-II, morphing filters/flangers/phases/combs/ring-mod/EQ/more).
  • Added: dry/wet for all filter types, drive and variation controls.
  • Added: ‘playable’ filter cutoff from MIDI notes (enable Pitch>Cutoff option in MIDI panel).
  • Added: Envelope mode – for re-triggering the graph by MIDI, but to have it play once and stop, just like an envelope.
  • Added: sync timing offset (very left, in middle of GUI) for adjusting for unreported sync latency (e.g. Ableton Live).
  • Added: Automation control over the first 8 graph points (X,Y,Curve) as VST Parameters.
  • Added: switchable Waveform Scope Display, allows you to have a tempo-synced oscilloscope and view the dry/wet simultaneously.
  • Added: drag-export button for dragging MIDI CC clips directly to host MIDI tracks.
  • Added: MIDI out for AudioUnits using the IAC Bus.
  • Added: Mono->Mono option added for AudioUnits.
  • Added: user can specify a default preset as a starting point in config file, for faster workflow.
  • Added: MIDI CC thinning option in config file (separate values for real-time and MIDI File export).
  • Added: LFO Depth control, useful for automating the all LFO overall depths, without losing your assigned relative depth values.
  • Improvement: AudioUnit to prevent namespace conflict with other Symbiosis-based plugins.
  • Improvement: LFO->Volume and LFO->Pan are now a “per-sample process” (greater time resolution).- increased mouseover/click radius for selecting points.
  • Additional presets.

LFOTool is available to purchase for $49.95 USD. The update is free for all registered users.

More information: Xfer / LFOTool