Xfer Records has released version 1.09b2 of SerumFX, an effect plugin version of Serum that allows you to use its effects “rack” section on other tracks/instruments in your song projects.

This is a bonus plug-in, some suggested I should charge for it, but I decided to give to Serum users for free (as I do with all updates), as a token of thanks for your support!

DISCLAIMER: using this plug-in at this time should be considered “at your own risk”. I don’t consider it ‘experimental’ and I don’t foresee any major issues (or I wouldn’t put it here) but you never know.

Changes over the instrument version

  • Appears/inserts an audio FX insert in your host/DAW (instead of as an instrument).
  • Defaults to FX tab when GUI is open (instead of OSC tab).
  • Audio input is routed through the FX rack.
  • There are additional meters in the top-right for the input audio signal (input / output meters).
  • Oscillators are off by default, and do not load on preset changes (for less memory + faster load times). While not the intent of SerumFX, it is possible to route MIDI notes to SerumFX in most hosts (and enable oscs), but there is (in my opinion) little reason to do this beyond triggering Env,Note,Velo as modulator sources for FX params.
  • There is a “note latch” button in the Voicing section (lower-right) of the main panel. This enables a “stuck note” for LFOs to run. This is handy for not needing to route MIDI notes to Serum FX and still be able to hear/use the LFO’s on FX parameters.
  • If saving presets it is recommended to use “EFX ” as the prefix for the preset name. this way they will be tagged as “audio effect” in the browser.
  • WT Editor has “capture” button for recording audio input to wavetables. Similar in principle to importing a wav file using constant framesize: Will slice the incoming to 2048 samples by default, or else whatever note name (e.g. C0) or # of samples you type in to the formula text field in the WT editor.

SerumFX for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available as part of Serum, which costs $189 USD.

More information: Xfer Records

Xfer Records Serum FX