Xfer Records Cthulhu

Xfer Records has released version 1.0.1 of Cthulhu, a chord and arpeggiator MIDI fx plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Cthulhu is firstly a chord memorizer and player, allowing you to experiment with creating and reworking chord progressions with single-note presses.

The other half of Cthulhu is a unique pattern-based arpeggiator, allowing incoming notes or chords to be manipulated in various rhythmic ways.

Changes in Cthulhu v1.0.1

  • AAX Support, both 32 and 64, for ProTools 10.3 or later.
  • MIDI FX version of Cthulhu for Logic X – no more IAC needed.
  • MIDI latching option (switch at top) to auto-legato (sustain).
  • Type-able values for notes/velocities.
  • Chord “Watcher” (Eye switch) to monitor which chords are triggered.
  • Shift-click learn switch = learn with timer: chord will not be learned until the chord is held down for 1 full second.
  • Shift-click on piano to trigger chord; alt-shift-click to do both functions (change to a different chord slot and trigger it).
  • New diatonic chord presets are designed to make writing in any key quick and easy.

Cthulhu for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available to purchase for $39 USD. The update is free for existing owners.

More information: Xfer Records / Cthulhu