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Xhip effect plug-ins set updated, now includes reverb, quantizer and limiter


Aciddose at PresetExchange.com has released an updated version of its collection of Xhip effect plug-ins for Windows.

these effect plugins were originally created for use with xhip.

xhip was to have embedded effects, but it was decided that external plugins would be more versatile and easier to manage when used for other tasks.

Xhip LimiterOne of the additions to the collection of effects: Limiter

Changes in Xhip effect plug-in collection

  • Three new effects: reverb, quantizer and limiter.
  • New knob graphics, caching of bitmaps (allowing better, bigger bitmaps) and some optimization.
  • The code for the vu meters has been improved – it will now catch peak values more accurately and an rms mode is available – although rms mode is not yet configurable on the gui.
  • The phaser has been improved – tuning is improved as well as other small changes. it should sound more “stable” now.
  • The compressor has had a “gain reduction” meter added.

The Xhip VST effect plug-ins for Windows are available to download separately (clipper, compressor, gate, limiter, mdelay, phaser, quantizer, reverb, ringmod, tremolo), and bundled in a pack.

More information: Xhip

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that’s odd. the domain is hosted by namecheap. can you ping ? if so, try typing that into your browser. the full domain will route to the vhost for the forum, so you still will not be able to access the xhip subdomain, but it will at least show this is not a routing problem. if you can access the forum, it is a dns resolution problem which your isp might be able to fix – if you can not access the forum, it is likely a routing problem which your isp may or may not be able to… Read more »


Hi Ronnie!

Thank you! I tried proxy via .ru domain, and it was okay.

But here in Japan, I made a few of my friends living another city and using another privider, but they said they could not connect. Also we tried IE10, IE9, and FireFox, and the result was the same. I think the setting of conection of xhip restricts our IPs. :o(

This has happened only to the connection with xhip. I have never had such connection problem with any other link shown here. ;o)


Maybe it sometimes arrives with /temp/ directory only… But it is down again.


Their website has been down since 2007.