Xhipeffects envelope follower/filter

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Xhip is a subtractive synthesizer with a very clean sound and only moderate cpu use.

The effects used in Xhip can also be used separately and Xhip’s filter just got an update. This envelope follower/filter is a clean and simple single stage envelope follower used as modulation input for the filter.


  • Attack and Decay in ms
  • 8 filter modes: Lowpass, Highpass, Peak and Bandstop each in 12db/o and 24db/o
  • Frequency and Resonance controls
  • Saturation
  • Enevelope depth
  • Frequency and Feeback modulation
  • Dry/Wet controls
  • Headroom control

Currently it has no GUI and is available for free. Once all the Xhipeffects are updated (including a GUI), there may be a commercial release of those, but the GUI-less version will probably remain free.

Currently the Xhipeffects page on the Xhip website is not active, so download the latest version of Xhipeffects filter here (stereo) and here (mono). Check the public section to see if any newer versions were released.

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