VST Buzz has announced a limited time sale on Xhun Audio’s FilterCult, a powerful, creative signal filtering and sound coloration tool.

This multi-device effects processor is composed of a set of modeled analogue gear and digital devices, arranged inside a rack-mount cabinet and accessible through a simple and easy to use interface.

As a master effect or as a single channel insert processor, FilterCult is always the right choice in any music production scenario, producing from smooth and gentle analogue filtering up to extremely aggressive colorations of any audio material.

FilterCult features

  • Accurate physical modeling simulation.
  • FLT-TL22 advanced transistor ladder analog filter.
  • Multi-node circuit output for different filter response (4-pole, 3-pole, 2-pole, 1-pole).
  • Voltage regulator circuit.
  • Analogue modeled transistor-based and tube-based saturation and overdrive circuits.
  • Modulation parameters.
  • MOD-XG01 multimode modulator.
  • Multi-waveform LFO generator with separate frequencies, tempo-sync and phase-reset controls.
  • PRM-EM44 embedded preamp/mixer.
  • More than 20, multi-scenario factory presets.
  • Multi-size GUI resolutions.

The plugin is on sale for 19 EUR instead of 49 EUR until August 18th, 2022.

More information: VST Buzz