Xhun Audio has launched its complete rewrite of LittleOne. Version 3.0 is a major upgrade of the analog modeled synthesizer that aims to bring you the sound of Moog’s Little Phatty.

LittleOne 3.0 offers a full DSP reboot and is built on a development framework that took several years to complete, offering native cross-platform compatibility.

Xhun Audio LittleOne 3.0

After several years of constant research and development, LittleOne version 3.0 represents a huge step forward compared to the previous versions of the software, thanks to the adoption of the analogue technology simulation/emulation techniques available today.

Completely re-written from the ground up in efficient C++, LittleOne version 3.0 brings a massive improvement on the DSP side (for both the synthesizer section and for the sequencers and effects processors included in the rack section) as well as a full native cross-platform compatibility. It is available for both Windows and macOS (formerly OS X) as 32-bit / 64-bit plugins in VST (2.4), VST3 and AU formats.

LittleOne 3.0 features

  • Analogue modeling simulation of real analogue hardware, achieved by the adoption of the Advanced Component Simulation (ACS) approach – oscillators, filters, envelopes (, …) are built preserving their original architecture, featuring all the micro-instabilities and imperfections of the analogue technology.
  • Full 64-bit processing accuracy for every single aspect of the simulation.
  • An all-in-one complete analogue synthesizer + sequencer + trancegate + rack effects setup.
  • Two aliasing-free analogue modeled oscillators proving the same capacitors’ charging/discharging responses as found on the original analogue circuits, with a continuous wave selection (morphing) mode between triangle, sawtooth, square, pulse.
  • A 4-pole resonant low pass ladder filter (modeled by the adoption of the topology-preserving transform / zero-delay feedback approach) proving all the original non-linearities, frequency responses (also at extreme modulation scenarios), self-oscillation, soft-clipping and overload control.
  • Two 4-stage (ADSR) envelope generators proving the same capacitors’ charging/discharging responses as found on the original analogue circuits.
  • Extended modulation possibilities, including a white noise generator, a sample-and-hold source and a multi-waveform low-frequency-oscillator (LFO) featuring the original frequency range (from 0.2 Hz up to 500 Hz), allowing for advanced frequency modulation designs.
  • True analogue polyphony. In addition to a classic monophonic mode, polyphony (4-voices) is achieved by simulating four fully-independent synthesis systems (devices) separately, as expected in the original hardware specification extension. Each of the four independent voices (devices) can also be tuned/detuned separately for an even more deep and rich polyphonic sound.
  • Analogue components selector. Choose what kind of components to use inside LittleOne: select ultra-stable components, phase-locked oscillators (like in most recent analogue synthesizers) or select aged, much more unstable components and disable the phase-lock of the main oscillators.
  • Accede all the advanced features like the alternative modulation sources/destinations, set the velocity to control the filter cutoff, extend the pitch bend range, select the MIDI input channel and much more – all from the operating system led display.
  • Including XSQ16A unit (rack), a monophonic 16-step analogue sequencer.
  • Including GAT3D unit (rack), a 16-step trancegate effect.
  • Including two insert/master effects slots with the possibility to choose 5 effect processors.
  • X-TREME unit (rack), an accurately modeled, ground-shaking tube distortion effect.
  • FLANG-R unit (rack), an expressive stereo flanger effect.
  • CHOR-S unit (rack), an expressive stereo chorus effect.
  • D-LAY unit (rack), a tempo-synced stereo delay effect.
  • REEVERB unit (rack), a resonator-based electronic reverb effect.
  • Including a huge 400+ ready-to-use factory presets collection covering all styles, from vintage analogue leads and basses to contemporary cutting-edge trance stabs, motion pads and more.
  • Additional presets/patches available as commercial expansions.
  • MIDI Automation, following the original hardware MIDI CC# specs.
  • Supported sample rates from 44.1 kHz up to 192 kHz.

LittleOne 3.0 for Windows and macOS (VST/AU) is available for purchase for the introductory price of 49.90 EUR until May 15th, 2017. The regular price is 69 EUR. Registered users of the previous version of LittleOne get a free upgrade to version 3.x.

Xhun Audio has also updated the Big Steps expansion pack, featuring all the presets and sequences previously available, with some micro-improvement, in a format 100% compatible with the new Presets Manager in LittleOne.

Owners of Big Steps will receive the upgrade free of charge. A free Bonus Pack with a selection of presets is available for download for LittleOne 3.0.

More information: Xhun Audio / LittleOne

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