Xhun Audio has released version 1.5 of its IronAxe virtual electric guitar instrument for Windows.

Xhun Audio IronAxe

IronAxe 1.5 ads the KeyStrummer Mode, a real-time engine allowing the end-user to perform complex Strums, Phrases and Riffs with ease, using only a standard MIDI Keyboard.

In addition to this, the current update brings great improvements and a re-design for the Slide Performance Mode, for the Performance Keys Engine and for the Quick Strums.

Changes in IronAxe v1.5

  • KeyStrummer Engine: perform complex Strums, Phrases and Riffs with ease and in true real-time, using only a standard MIDI Keyboard.
  • Slide Performance Mode has been redesigned, bringing different ways to achieve real-time Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs techniques.
  • Performance Keys Engine has been re-mapped and selectable techniques have been improved.
  • Quick Strums (in Performance Keys Engine mode) have been improved and re-mapped.
  • Low-level code improvements for the Amp/Cabinets Section (increasing CPU/Ram efficiency).
  • Partial re-design and improvements on the GUI side.
  • Minor fixes on the DSP signal-path side.
  • Further low-level, cross-platform code revisions.
  • A few additional presets are included (for a quick use of the KeyStrummer engine).

IronAxe for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 99 EUR. The update is free of charge for all registered users.

More information: Xhun Audio / IronAxe