XILS-lab has announce availability of version 1.5 of Chor’X, a bucket brigade delay chorus plug-in for Windows and Mac.

This major update, adds a 4th Chorus algorithm to the Dimension-D, Synthex, and CS-80 ones, as well as some refined versions of these 3 existing modules.

A totally revamped interface that will greatly enhances your workflow has also been added, offering you to switch between the Easy/Legacy Mode (default) and the Advanced-Complex-Deep Mode, without loosing anything of the richness and in depth programming possibilities of the former version !

XILS-lab Chor'X

XILS-lab Chor’X 1.5 with Advanced panel.

Changes in Chor’X v1.5

  • The Legacy Mode
    • The Chor’X 1.5 Graphic Interface has been totally revamped to offer you a Legacy Mode. It’s very easy to get the exact sound of the 4 legendary units we have modeled, without having to do anything and change complex parameters.
    • Be prepared to experience new Dimension, Synthex, CS-80 like textures without effort.
    • A new “VP-330” algorithm, finely emulated from the real hardware, is now available in Chor’X 1.5.
  • The Advanced Mode
    • Chor’X 1.0 brought you wide and wild sound shaping. You won’t loose anything with Chor’X 1.5: The same internal parameters of these legendary units are still exposed in the same way as they were in version 1.0. But this time, only if you want it or need it!
    • Project and presets are fully backward compatible.
  • The Stereo Space Engine
    • The True Stereo Dynamic Engine allows you to build spectacular, complex and intrigating stereo scenes, with real time aimations. Some people only use this module on entires mixes.
    • Now, for those who wants to keep the exact legacy sound of their preferred algorithm, it is easy to by-pass the stereoizer.
  • Fixes
    • Windows 7/8: the graphic Interface is now smooth and fast.
    • Windows 7 32 bits: authorization correctly completed.
    • Installers (mac and windows): Possibility to select which plug-in format must be installed.
    • Preset Browser: Randomly, not all the presets were displayed. This is fixed with the 1.5 version.
    • Preset Browser: A dry/wet lock function allows to browse without changing the dry/wet level (Advanced mode only).

In celebration of the 1.5 update, Chor’X for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for 39 EUR until October 15th, 2013 (regular 59 EUR).

More information: XILS-lab / Chor’X