XILS-lab has released an update to its virtual analog synthesizer instrument plugin which captures the sound and spirit of the legendary RSF PolyKobol 2 polyphonic synthesizer.

Version 3.6.3 of PolyKB III comes with full Apple Silicon compatibility and VST3 support, a new high resolution GUI and faster UI engine.

Morphing analog Oscillators sets PolyKB III apart from other analog synth emulations. You have instant access to hundreds of different analog modeled free running oscillators waveforms, far more than other synthesizers, including those that switch between oscillators sets. The icing on the cake is they can be dynamically modulated by a mulitude of sources.

In addition you get two gorgeous, creamy multi-mode filters, self-resonating in all modes, and Xils exclusive ‘0df’ technology. There are also three Analog modeled envelopes, with time multiplication, and great looping capabilities. Two complex LFOs are available with MIDI sync capabilities. All working to deliver a fat, warm and immediately inspiring analog sound.

Available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, PolyKB III is on sale for 59 USD/EUR until April 16th, 2023 (regular 199 EUR/USD).

The offer is available at Plugin Boutique and from the XILS-lab store.