XILS-lab has announced the release of XILS 4, a virtual modular synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.


The XILS 4 emulates a prototype that was never released, the EMS VCS4, based on two integrated, interlinked and interacting VCS 3 (Synthi) cores. We also coupled them with the famous 256 analog polysequencer.

Like the 2nd huge Pin Matrix, and its numerous additional modules: Envelopes, LFOs, S&H, Voltage Processor, Pitch Tracker, Transient etc. Or the recreation of the unique, powerfull 256 analog Polysequencer, intimately tied to the synthesis engines. Add to that the analog Chorus (3 modes) Delay and Phaser, the Spring Reverb, and the picture emerges.

XILS 4 is available for purchase for the introductory price of 149 EUR (regular 179 EUR). This offer includes a free USB-eLicenser, and XILISTICS soundset (160+ patches). XILS 3 users can upgrade for 29 EUR.

More information: XILS-lab / XILS 4