Xitive has announced the release of Stochastik Drum Machine, a new drum machine app for the iPad.

Xitive Stochastik Drum Machine

Stochastik Drum Machine is a full-featured drum machine with one outstanding difference –– unlike any other drum machine, Stochastik lets a user set a probability that a given note will trigger. That means far greater variety in even a simple percussion pattern.

Once Stochastik users add chance into the mix — which is the meaning of the word stochastic — they can generate thousands of unique variations automatically. Aaron Blohowiak, president of Xitive and lead developer on the Stochastik project said, “As our slogan for the Stochastik app promises, no more boring loops!”

Stochastik Drum Machine not only introduces this innovation of stochastic process to create dynamic rhythm patterns, it is a fully featured drum machine.

Stochastik Drum Machine features

  • Includes more than a thousand drum, cymbal and percussion sounds of very high quality from reputable suppliers.
  • Unlimited Patterns and Songs.
  • Import custom samples through iTunes File Sharing, Email and the Dropbox iPad App.
  • AudioCopy & Pasteboard — use your drum patterns in GarageBand, Beat Maker and other compatible apps.
  • WIST — Wirelessly Sync Stochastik with other iOS devices.
  • Background Audio — let Stochastik play in the background while you play your favorite synth..
  • Precise Entry of exact quantities for maximum control over volume, pan, bpm and shuffle.
  • Share patterns, kits and songs with Email, iTunes File Sharing and the Dropbox iPad App.
  • 15 Samples, 32 Voices.
  • Touch pads on sequencer screen.
  • Sliders instead of harder to use knobs that prevail on competing drum machines.
  • Comes stocked with many patterns in several musical styles and genres ready to lplay and earn from. Included music samples include Dance, Hip-Hop, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Glitch and Techno.
  • Comes with pre-made kits (pre-assembled coordinated drum sounds) that help a new user get started fast. Users also can load in their own custom samples through iTunes File Sharing to make Stochastik sound just the way they want.
  • Supports users with a thorough illustrated manual, a YouTube channel with several instructional videos, and email support from the developer.

Additional functions and features currently in development include MIDI Sync, MIDI Out, Mute & Solo for each instrument, exporting each drum as a separate track, and many other enhancements.

The Stochastik Drum Machine for iPad is available to purchase for the introductory price of $4.99 USD.

Visit Xitive for more information.